The Experiment Works!

When Brian and I first came up with the idea for Infinite Buyer, we honestly weren’t sure if it would work. I thought that if an e-commerce model based on buyers making an offer to sellers could work, then why did we not see this model everywhere we looked? Amazon didn’t work this way and we could not find evidence of any major retailer with this commerce model. We researched and found that the model had been tried in the late 90′s, but with major differences and not much success. That was too early for this model.

Our e-commerce model we call Consumer to Business (or C2B), is very different from B2B or B2C, and depends on one critical factor that has not ever existed in human history before, and has only come to exist over the course of the last decade or so. That factor has to do with consumer empowerment, control, and knowledge. Because consumers have never had the amount of information that the internet brings, they have never had this degree of knowledge, and therefore power. With this power, consumers are ABLE to control their experience more IF they are made aware of their power, and have a mechanism or marketplace that allows it.

This is why Infinite Buyer is so radically different. We allow consumers to be empowered, unlike most other marketplaces which are merchant-driven commerce models. We try to be neither merchant-driven, nor consumer-driven, instead we are a free market driven model that benefits both parties.

And we are happy to report that many sellers love the model because it allows them another channel to sell, with no upfront costs, and reduces their marketing costs because we do the marketing. We are getting many sellers registered and many listings are being created daily. This was our desired goal for the launch, and beyond those goals, we are getting transactions from consumers as well, in fact we began getting transactions before our official launch on Black Friday.

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