Hate to Shop, Love to Buy

Shopping is hard work, and guess what – you’re the one doing it all. Sucker! I personally do NOT understand why people love “to shop”. In fact I don’t think they love to shop, I actually think they are not being precise. I think people love to BUY. I can totally understand loving to buy stuff. In fact, I love to buy new things, new tools, new electronic gadgets, new car things…especially when I get a great deal. If I’ve been able to negotiate the price lower on something, or get a discount from a coupon, I am even more happy about the purchase, not about the shopping part of it.

If indeed people loved just the shopping part, they might actually never buy anything, because they could just shop more; they could continue to shop every store, every website, and every mall, never actually making a purchase, but just shopping. I don’t think people like that part of the process, or that it makes people feel very good, i think that is a big waste of time and makes people tired.

At InfiniteBuyer.com, we allow people to buy. Yes, you can browse (shop), but really people are there because they have already done the shopping and comparison, and simply want to make the purchase at the price they want to pay. That’s why consumers love Infinite Buyer.

2 thoughts on “Hate to Shop, Love to Buy

    1. Anthony Post author

      Hi Mandy, of course, we’d love it if you wanted to review Infinite Buyer. May I answer any questions for you about the business, new business model concept of C2B, or anything else? I’d be happy to get on a call with you if that is more convenient. EBay if starting to teeter and Groupon has begun its fall from grace because they are seller focused,. The Internet is the great enabler for consumers – it has already made consumers more empowered. we know the features, read the reviews, and know the prices online, we just want a great deal. But the seller centric commerce sites like eBay and Amazon get in the way of consumers getting what they want, when they want at the price they want all at the same time. Infinite Buyer is the first business model to turn it all around and have a buyer-centric business model that forces sellers to wait until the buyer is ready and announces their ‘intent’ to buy with a Buyer Offer, then the sellers react to the buyer offer with an Accept, Counter (one time), or Decline. The commerce process becomes more efficient and relevant for all.


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