Want The Best Deals? Negotiate Them!

You could wait for a sale on what you want. Or, you could negotiate a great deal anytime you want. The power to lower your shopping bill is in your hands, you simply have to leverage it.

You see, sellers have been used to having most of the power in commerce transactions. Sellers have had the merchandise in stock (or not). Sellers set the prices, and sellers determine WHEN to discount prices. And once you are in their store or on their website, they know it is a hassle and time waster for you to continue going to multiple stores searching for the best price. So, they have you exactly where they want you, and at the price they want to sell their items at. But what if some things were different?

What if the shopper had more power, what if the shopper could tell the seller what price they wanted to BUY the  product at? Then the seller is forced to negotiate or lose the deal completely. Sellers hate to have shoppers leave their store Рthey know it is extremely unlikely that that shopper will come back to their store to make the purchase because there are so many other choices out there. So, a seller will negotiate, especially online, and especially if they know you are a serious buyer. If you know the price of an item, and state your intention to the seller to buy that item from them, at a reasonable price, then you are in a much more powerful position.

This is exactly how Infinite Buyer works to empower you as a shopper. You state the price you want to pay for any listed item, and let the seller figure out if they want to accept it or not. Save you tons of time, and money!

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