Did You Pay List Price For Your Car?

I’ll bet you are pretty proud of the DEAL you got on your last car. You didn’t pay what they were asking, you probably got $1,500 below asking price or more – great job – you saved yourself a lot of money negotiating that deal.

Why don’t you get that same great feeling of making a great deal on everything else you buy?  ”They won’t negotiate at Nordstom or Macy’s”, you say?  Not true – they do sometimes. And better, if you walk in to a small business owned store, like a clothing boutique or a small jewelry store and you can negotiate some great deals.

Most people won’t do it because they are embarrassed or intimidated of the “no” if it doesn’t work. I have the perfect solution for those of you who want to negotiate but don’t want to do it in person, face to face! Infinite Buyer is a website where you can negotiate the price on anything that is listed on the site. Simply make a price offer and get an instant response to see if your offer is accepted. So simple it’s revolutionary. Try it today.

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