How to Make Every Day “Black Friday”

Why do you pay 40-50% more than Black Friday prices every other day of the year? Black Friday is the one day of the year when stores decide to deeply discount their products so that you will buy them. Do they lose money on those deals? No. If you buy a BluRay player for $50 on Black Friday, but every day the price is $90, then compared to the Black Friday discounted price, you are paying an 80% markup!  Ouch.

How can you get lower prices, similar to Black Friday prices other days of the year? Well we have a bold, unique, unheard of, even revolutionary method for getting closer to Black Friday prices every other day of the year: ASK the seller to sell it to you at the lower price. That’s it! Pretty simply really. Yet nobody does this, at least not here in the United States.

In most other countries, negotiating is widely practiced, and in many cases expected. If you pay the posted price in some countries you are considered a fool. So be smart, take advantage of this simple trick that only you can do by using a marketplace like Infinite Buyer. Check it out now.

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