Infinite Buyer Spotlights Mommy Bloggers

Moms make most buying decisions, so what better way to help moms save money and time than by taking our message directly to them? FacebookBloggyMomsAs part of that effort, we felt we needed to understand the blogging culture, and more specifically the “blogging moms” segment, those bloggers who are women/moms and who write blogs that are targeted toward women/moms.We are very happy to announce that Tiffany Noth, founder of and Bloggy Conference has agreed to join the Infinite Buyer Industry Advisory Board.

tiffanyIn her advisory role, Tiffany will help us better be in touch with women bloggers and their readers from around the country who are passionate about saving money and saving time when it comes to online shopping. Tiffany will be helping us spread the message about how busy moms can save time and money by making their own best deals and negotiating online with sellers using the Infinite Buyer marketplace.

Tiffany launched her first blog in 1996, when she was only 16 years old.  More recently, in 2009 she founded Bloggy Moms as a place for bloggers to find support and encouragement throughout their social media journey.  In addition to maintaining her own blog, Tiffany has written two books, “Bloggy Guide To Monetizing Your Blog” and “Bloggy Moms Guide To A Better Blog 1 Year Plan“, with another book coming out in March.  And, in 2011, Tiffany launched the Bloggy Conference, an annual conference which brings women in social media together to share best practices with one another.

As indication of her impact and presence in the blogging community, Tiffany has over 150,000 people that follow her. Infinite Buyer has taken a significant leap forward bringing someone with her experience and skills to our Advisory Board.

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