Tired of Daily Deal SPAM?

Groupon might have seemed like a good idea to many of you, but I never liked it. But I signed up for it as we started this business for research purposes. I also signed up for Living Social, Google Offers, and a couple other local Denver daily deals sites.

I quickly became dismayed at the amount of emails I was getting from these 4 or 5 sites because they all sent me email at least once per day. Worse, was that the “deals” I was being offered were for products or services that I wasn’t interested in.  And even worse was that I realized that they didn’t even know anything about me so the vast majority of offers were for bikini wax, nail salons, or other female services that were totally irrelevant!  This was basically a way for merchants to get me to agree to allow them to SPAM me.

Would I be better off if they did know more about me so the deals could be more relevant? Well that is the TRAP that consumers fall into. Believe me, as a marketer for 25 years, I know all about database marketing, data analytics, CRMs, and how sellers and marketers think the more data they have about you, the more money they will make. It is partially true to some extent. But that is something most consumers don’t want and in the end, consumers pay a price (in time wasted & privacy lost) for allowing their data to be used.

There is a better to sell other way than “guessing” what consumers might buy based on their demographics and past behaviors…and that is NOT GUESSING.

The answer is: wait for the consumer to state their intentions to buy a product by making an offer to a seller. This is the core philosophy of Infinite Buyer, and why we think this is the next major shift in online commerce. It just makes so much more sense for consumers to protect their privacy, and for sellers to not waste resources guessing and hard selling. What if buyers could not be interrupted by thousands of marketing messages, and what if sellers could simply have consumers asking them if they can buy their products?   Buyers and sellers would, and do, love this model. Which is why Infinite Buyer has been taking off since launch.

Give it a try by making your offer at www.InfiniteBuyer.com.

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