Create Your Own Custom Coupon

Americans are getting frustrated with coupons. Coupon redemption shrunk 17% from 2012 to 2013, and it wasn’t because the economy got a lot better. It was because coupons are getting worse. There are fewer coupons worth redeeming either because they are not for items people want, or because they provide less of a deal.

I think people are also realizing the value of their time more and more. Coupons used to be worth it because many stay at home moms thought they had more time than money, so they spent a lot of time clipping. But consumers in general are realizing their time has a value, in fact the value that shoppers place on their personal time is probably increasing also. So the trade off is becoming not worth it.

The solution is to forget clipping coupons, and to utilize sites like where you make your offer for any item listed, which is essentially like creating your own instant coupon!  Want 20% off? Make an offer for it. Want $10 off?  Make an offer for that amount. Takes two seconds, and you find out if it works and your done. This is a real time saver, and money saver!


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