Did You Pay the List Price for Your House?

No? Then why do you pay the list price for almost everything else? Did you pay full price for your car? Probably not.

Why are you able to make an buyer offer on a house or car, yet you won’t make an offer for your purse, shoes, bicycle, sunglasses, or almost everything else?

Infinite Buyer is a new marketplace where we are training consumers to take back their power, pay what you want to pay, and make an offer on everything you want to buy. Fixed prices don’t really make sense anymore, they are a relic of a low technology world that we had to resort to when merchants didn’t want to limit their sales to their local market or bazaar anymore.

But we are a high tech world now, and technology innovations have made it possible again to have an individualized pricing and bargaining experience. Once you give it a try, you will get used to it and will wonder why all online shopping can’t be done this way. Try it here at InfiniteBuyer.com

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