How Shoppers Can Get the Best Deals on Infinite Buyer

Imagine a world where you can decide the “discount” or “sale price” you want to pay on almost anything. Remember that $100 sweater you wanted that was marked down to $59 on Black Friday Early Bird Special? ¬†You couldn’t get to that store early enough so the price went back up to $79. Bummer that you can’t buy it at that price.

Wrong! Why can’t you make an offer to that merchant for $59 in March? They might be willing to sell it to you because they might need to make room for the new spring fashions coming out, or they might need the cash flow for some other reason. Until now, there has been no mechanism for consumers to make offers TO sellers.

Infinite Buyer is the revolutionary new marketplace where buyers make offers to sellers. And guess what those offers can be anything you want. The seller has the ability to accept your offer, make you a counter offer, or to decline your offer. But hey, if they accept it, you just got yourself an amazing deal. Even if they make a counter offer, your probably not going to be paying retail price, which you would have most days last year.

The online technology now exists for buyers and sellers to once again make individual deals with each person, much like they do in countries around the world.

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